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Chaga mushroom Tincture 100ml

Chaga mushroom Tincture 100ml

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Chaga, “The King of Mushrooms”, is prized in Northern European folk medicine and Indigenous tradition. This antioxidant rich superfood is used to address abnormal tissue growth, immune health, and digestive issues.

  • Immunity
  • Anti-oxidant
  • Power

Administer  1ml of Chaga tincture sublingually (under the tongue) daily.

Alternatively, add 1ml Chaga tincture to a small glass of water, juice, or natural tea (2-6 fl oz) to mask its potent flavor.

Stem n rootz advises against adding this product to soda or bottled beverages that feature a complexity of artificial ingredients.

Do NOT add Chaga tincture to any beverage over the temperature of 170 degrees farenheit. Doing so could alter its constituents.


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