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hierba del sapo 2oz

Hierba Del Sapo 2oz

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Hierba del Sapo is Mexican thistle, that grows wild mainly in Mexico and Central America. It’s used as an infusion by locals to treat kidney disease, gastrointestinal problems, respiratory infections, and many other illnesses.  Sapo has been found to increase levels of lipids in cells, in particular high-density cholesterol (good cholesterol) while decreasing low-density cholesterol (bad cholesterol), as well as decreases triglycerides, creatinine and uric acid.  It’s also been known to reduce high glucose levels (Hyperglycemia) in those battling diabetes mellitus.  Other benefits of Hierba del Sapo are asthma, burns, fever, high blood pressure, Kidney and gallstones, diarrhea, whooping cough, and malaria.

Because it can stimulate uterine contractions, yerba de sapo should never be taken during pregnancy. It should not be ingested for more than eight weeks so as not to cause kidney damage. Those that are allergic to fennel, dill, or celery may experience an allergic reaction.