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Stem n Rootz

Raw Black Tourmaline

Raw Black Tourmaline

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Natures Energy Shield 

Uses: Protection against harmful energy stemming from people or the environment  

: Root Chakra 

: Brazil, Africa and Pakistan 

: Black

Birthstone month
: October

Meditation for Relaxation


  • Select one or two pieces of black tourmaline and place them in the palm of your hand(s). 
  • Close your eyes, and imagine the black color of the stone washing over your body and thoughts. 
  • Slowly breath inwards and outwards while remaining in this space 
  • The dark represents clarity and safety in this space. There’s nothing to fear as you’re the light in this dark.
  •  Allow any worries or troubling thoughts to come and go. As soon as they come, acknowledge them and let them pass by. 
  •  This is a carefree moment. Everything else will be dealt with in due time. 
  •  Remain in this headspace and let your worries and concerns brush by and leave the space. 
  • When you’ve felt your heartbeat slow and your muscles relax, picture the black color shrinking slowly and eventually setting at the base of the spine. This is the location of the root chakra. 
  •  Slowly open your eyes and remember that at any point you can return to this space (even for a short while) for some time to yourself, free of worry, and stress.

Cleansing and protecting your space

Choose a space that you would like to fortify with black tourmaline. Cleanse your space with a sacred herb of your choice that is meant for this purpose. Select several pieces or fragments of the stone. You’ll need a piece for every corner, door, and windowsill.  Place the stones in the appropriate places If you know that the work is going to be cut out for your home grid, place a shard of clear quartz next to the black tourmaline to amplify its effect.
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