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Turquoise Bracelet

Turquoise Bracelet

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Turquoise: For Cleansing, Protection, and Good Fortune

Known as the stone of cleansing, turquoise is a natural guard against anything that isn’t serving you, your body, or your mind.

Healing Properties

As the stone of cleansing, turquoise is particularly good for releasing bad habits and negative energy. Turquoise is also a calming stone that can induce internal serenity and lift depleted spirits. Not only will turquoise help to flush negative emotions from the mind, it is also said to support detoxification of the body. Because it aids tranquility and protection, turquoise is a great stone to accompany meditation.

Wearing or Using the Stone

This is a particularly good stone to wear or use if you are experiencing trouble with difficult people or stresses in your life. Ideally it would be worn on your body throughout the day to help protect and heal you.Intuitive Mysticism

Chakra: Throat (Vishudda)

Planet: Neptune and Venus

Zodiac: Sagittarius (November 21 – December 20)

Essential Oils: Cedar, Sage, and Sandalwood

Suggested Mantra: I Am Strong. I Am Protected.