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cayenne pepper (50 capsules)

Cayenne pepper (50 capsules)

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Cayenne peppers can help prevent a cold or flu as well as shorten the duration of a cold or flu. They bring heat to the body, which can help to dispel coldness (in Traditional Chinese Medicine some colds and the flu are brought on by a cold invasion).

also promotes secretions from the mucous membranes. Mucus is loaded with antibodies and is a powerful immune system response to an invading pathogen.

Cayenne supports the health of the lining of the stomach, promotes tissue healing by bringing blood to the area, and addresses secondary infections like the H. pylori bacterial infection that are often seen concurrently with ulcers. It also blocks substance P which transmits pain, thus relieving pain associated with ulcers.

Cayenne peppers increase our vitality, which is helpful for people with any symptoms of deficiency and stagnation! Cayenne also increases digestive function, is full of antioxidants and is a strong general anti-inflammatory. It supports a healthy heart and helps to regulate blood sugar levels.

Cayenne peppers consumed in even small amounts have been shown to lower blood sugar. Caution: if you are taking insulin you may need to have your levels adjusted if you consume cayenne regularly.

Cayenne has also been studied extensively for its ability to facilitate weight loss. Scientists hypothesize that cayenne prolongs satiety, resulting in fewer calories consumed, and increases a person’s internal heat, thus helping them burn more calories.