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chuchuhuasi 4oz
chuchuhuasi 4oz

Chuchuhuasi 4oz

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Immune Boosting

Chuchuhuasi’s adaptogenic qualities allow it to function as an “immunomodulator”, meaning it can either up-regulate or down-regulate the immune system in response to external stimuli. It helps to recharge exhausted adrenal glands as when these glands become overtaxed it can lead to a cascade of systems breaking down within the body.


Chuchuhuasi is a powerful vasodilator and improves blood flow to the pelvic area and reproductive organs. To this day, many Amazonian people drink a shot of Chuchuhuasi tonic each morning to promote stamina, sexual function and the libido.

Whilst its aphrodisiac effect is yet to be pinned down to one or two specific compounds, it seems that many of the alkaloids found in this plant are stimulants that aid in the recovery of a lost libido and boost sexual function. Coupled with its ability to stimulate blood flow to the sexual organs, this might explain why Chuchuhuasi is widely used by middle aged men to enhance virility, prolong erections and as a cure for impotence.

Menstrual Disorders

The ability of Chuchuhuasi to function as an adaptogen makes it effective to tone, balance and strengthen female hormonal systems. It is an emmenogogue (menstrual stimulant), and can bring regularity to irregular periods. It can also be used to ease menstrual pains and cramps due to its muscle relaxant properties.