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Collagen Stimulator 3 oz

Collagen Stimulator 3 oz

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**Collagen Stimulator Herbal Blend: A Symphony of Health Benefits**

Our Collagen Stimulator Herbal Blend is a carefully crafted fusion of nature's finest ingredients, each with a unique set of health benefits. Discover a world of wellness in every sip with this exceptional herbal blend. Here's what you can expect from each ingredient:

**Alfalfa:** Packed with Vitamins A, C, and K, alfalfa promotes healthy skin by improving skin tone, reducing acne symptoms, minimizing wrinkles, and hormone balance.

**Ginkgo:** Rich in antioxidants, ginkgo is your ally in the fight against inflammation, cell damage, and aging. Enjoy hydrated skin and a more youthful appearance.

**Gotu Kola:** An Ayurvedic and traditional Chinese medicine favorite, gotu kola enhances overall health, boosts circulation, reduces inflammation, alleviates stress, and supports brain health. It's also a beauty secret, nourishing hair follicles and promoting healthy skin and hair.

**Horsetail:** With its antioxidant-rich profile and essential minerals like silicon, selenium, and zinc, horsetail strengthens hair and nails and enhances the look of hair, skin, and nails.

**Oatstraw:** This herbal gem reduces stress, hydrates the skin, and enhances circulation. It's a mineral powerhouse, promoting healthy skin, hair, and nails with high levels of calcium and magnesium.


1. In a heat-proof glass or ceramic cup, combine two teaspoons of the herbal blend.
2. Bring 2 cups of water to a boil in a pot or tea kettle.
3. Pour the boiling water into the cup, fully submerging all the herbs.
4. Steep the tea for 10 minutes, then strain out the herbs.
5. Allow the tea to cool for a few minutes, then savor the goodness!


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