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epazote 3oz

Epazote 3oz

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Some of the health benefits of epazote may include its ability to reduce flatulence, reduce respiratory conditions, eliminate parasites, improve the metabolism, protect the immune system, help with weight loss efforts, heal wounds, and reduce menstrual discomfort

Epazote, commonly called Mexican tea, is a member of the Amaranth family of plants that is native to Mexico and Central and South America. It is popularly cultivated in the Caribbean and used as a tea for its ability to eliminate intestinal parasites and worms from the body.

1 cup of Epazote Herb tea is often used in traditional medicine to alleviate gas and bloating.

Parasite Cleansing Tea:

Boil 2 ounces of Epazote Herb in one gallon of water for 4 minutes, remove from the heat and leave it to cool in the water for 1hr.

Drink 2 cups of Epazote tea for 9 days, first thing in the morning, at noon, and before bedtime.