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holy basil 2.5

Holy Basil 2.5

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Holy basil benefits:

1. Holy basil helps the body deal with stress

It’s a calming herb, but not in the way that some herbs such as lavender are where you feel [more relaxed] right away. It helps normalize the stress response in the body so that over time, the body is more stable, peaceful, and calm,it acts similar to ashwaghanda in this way.

2. it Can help stabilize blood sugar levels

It has a noticeable effect on lowering blood sugar levels and helping with insulin sensitivity. If you’re someone who tends to already have low blood sugar levels, it’s something to be aware of as it could make your levels too low. 

3. It has antioxidant Properties

There have been a lot of scientific studies that show the different ways holy basil’s antioxidant properties manifest. One such way is supporting liver health, evidence scientists have found that it’s kind of like a tonic for the liver.

4. It could boost cognitive function

Another benefit of holy basil’s antioxidant properties is that it could help with brain health. One small study found that adults who took holy basil regularly for 15 days experienced a boost in cognitive function compared to participants who were given a placebo.

5. It’s antibacterial

Another holy basil benefit is that it’s antibacterial and antifungal. One scientific article on the herb says this is why the herb traditionally has been used to treat stomach aches and common colds; it works to help kill bad bacteria. There’s even some evidence to suggest it could be safely used as a mouthwash.