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Menstrual Flow Support 4oz

Menstrual Flow Support 4oz

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Regain Control with Our Menstrual Flow Support Tea Blend

For women facing the challenges of heavy menstrual bleeding, large blood clots, or prolonged periods, our Menstrual Flow Support Tea Blend offers a gentle and effective solution. Carefully crafted with a blend of astringent herbs, uterine tonics, and vital nutrients, this tea is designed to provide much-needed relief and support normal menstrual flow.

Key Ingredients:

**1. Ginger Root:** Known for its soothing properties, ginger root can help alleviate menstrual discomfort and regulate flow.

**2. Cranesbill Root:** As an astringent herb, cranesbill root can aid in reducing heavy bleeding and promoting uterine health.

**3. Periwinkle Herb:** Periwinkle herb is a uterine tonic that supports a healthy reproductive system and can help regulate menstrual flow.

**4. Yarrow Flower:** Yarrow flower is a natural hemostatic agent, promoting blood clotting and reducing excessive bleeding during menstruation.

**5. Cramp Bark:** Renowned for its ability to ease uterine cramps and discomfort, cramp bark contributes to a more comfortable menstrual experience.

**6. Shepherd's Purse Herb:** Shepherd's purse herb is a traditional remedy for heavy bleeding and clotting, making it an essential component of this blend.

Designed for Heavy Bleeding Days:
Our Menstrual Flow Support Tea Blend is specifically formulated to manage heavy bleeding. Therefore, it should be consumed only on heavy bleeding days, providing the relief you need during your most challenging moments.

Regain control over your menstrual flow and experience a more comfortable and balanced period with the Menstrual Flow Support Tea Blend. Let nature's wisdom guide you toward a healthier, more manageable menstrual experience.

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