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Stem n Rootz

Nursing Tea Blend 4 oz

Nursing Tea Blend 4 oz

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Indulge in the Bliss of Nursing with Our Nourishing Tea Blend

Pregnancy and breastfeeding are beautiful journeys, but they also demand special care and nourishment. That's where our Nursing Tea Blend steps in, a carefully crafted infusion of nature's finest herbs to support and enrich the experience of motherhood.

**The Nurturing Herbs:**

**Stinging Nettle:** A powerhouse of vitamins (B, C, A) and minerals (calcium, iron, magnesium), Stinging Nettle is a favorite among pregnant and breastfeeding women. It not only provides essential nutrients but also stimulates breastmilk production and enhances its quality.

**Fennel:** Renowned for its lactogenic properties, Fennel is rich in calcium, vitamin C, and flavonoids. It beautifully complements other lactogenic herbs while offering relief from colic discomfort in infants.

**Red Raspberry Leaf:** Packed with vitamins (A, B, C, E), folic acid, and vital minerals (calcium, magnesium, potassium, and iron), Red Raspberry Leaf tea is a treasure trove of nutritive goodness. It supports the boost of milk supply and naturally balances hormones during the breastfeeding journey.

**Linden Tea:** The benefits of Linden Tea for nursing mothers are boundless. Rich in vitamin C, it acts as a protective shield against colds and other illnesses, reducing the need for medications during breastfeeding. Linden Tea also aids in the recovery process post-birth, relieves inflammation, and enhances muscle development. Its gentle yet effective action on the digestive system ensures comfortable feeding for both mother and baby. The soothing properties of Linden Tea lull babies to sleep, promoting a peaceful slumber. Its resistance to bacteria and viruses reduces the risk of infections, and its edema-removing abilities ensure a healthy and comfortable postpartum experience.

**Embrace the Journey with Nurturing Wellness:**

Our Nursing Tea Blend is your trusted companion throughout the beautiful phases of pregnancy and breastfeeding. It's a heartwarming gesture to cherish the bond between mother and child. From enriching milk supply to promoting a peaceful environment, it's the nurturing essence that every mother deserves.

**Experience the Nourishing Touch of Nature:**

Explore the exquisite flavors and bountiful benefits of our Nursing Tea Blend, specially designed to celebrate the joys of motherhood. A sip of this wholesome infusion is a sip of love and wellness, crafted with care by Stem n Rootz.

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