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shepherd’s purse 2oz

Shepherd’s Purse 2oz

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Clean out your body! Shepherds Purse has detergent qualities: It is anti-diarrhea, has antioxidant qualities and is anti-inflammatory and anti-mucus. Shepherd’s purse heals. It is a urinary tract astringent and a uric acid diuretic. Dr Sebi speaks about this herb. Several studies indicate that shepherd's purse reduces mucus inflammation, protects against ulcers, and slows the growth of tumors. However, there is a lack of more recent research on shepherd's purse and its potential health benefits.

Shepherd's purse is typically used as a natural remedy for the following health problems:

•bladder infections

•bleeding disorders (including abnormally heavy periods)



•kidney disease

•low blood pressure

•menstrual cramps

•mild heart failure

• premenstrual syndrome

In addition, shepherd's purse is said to stimulate circulation and increase the flow of urine. When applied directly to the skin, it's used to promote healing from wounds and burns and to treat eczema.