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Introducing our Couchgrass Herbal Tea, a natural diuretic that offers a range of urinary tract benefits to support bladder and kidney health. Derived from the couchgrass plant, this herbal tea provides a holistic approach to soothing irritation, flushing out infections, and promoting healthy urinary flow.

Key Benefits:

1. Soothes Bladder Irritation: The demulcent properties of couchgrass provide a protective coating on inflamed bladder tissues, easing discomfort.

2. Fights Urinary Infections: Couchgrass demonstrates antimicrobial effects against E.coli and other UTI-causing pathogens, preventing infection.

3. Promotes Urinary Flow: The mild diuretic action helps increase urine output, flushing out bacteria, sediment, and stones from the urinary tract.

4. Reduces Bladder Inflammation: Anti-inflammatory compounds in couchgrass can reduce swelling and pain associated with bladder infections and interstitial cystitis.

5. Relaxes Urinary Muscles: Couchgrass relieves spasms in the smooth muscles lining the bladder and urethra for relaxed, unobstructed urine flow.

How Couchgrass Supports Urinary Health:

The mucilage, minerals, and triticin in couchgrass soothe irritated urinary tissues, reducing discomfort. Antimicrobial properties prevent pathogens like E.coli from adhering to the lining of the urinary tract, flushing out infection-causing bacteria. Mild diuretic action increases urine output which further cleanses the urinary system of contaminants, sediment, and stones. The anti-inflammatory activity alleviates swelling and discomfort caused by various urinary and bladder conditions.

Embrace the healing potential of our Couchgrass Herbal Tea, celebrated for its role in urinary health, infection prevention, and healthy bladder function. Enhance your wellness journey with this natural botanical remedy.

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